Beach Body, Tanned Skin C/O Cape Hatteras

Do you love beaches? Do you also love, the blue sky, the waves, the water, the sand and everything associated with it except the tan?

Got me there. I have always loved beaches and all that I had been to in India were in Chennai and one in Vizag.

But when Mr.Bee told me we would be going to Cape Hatteras, Buxton, I was more than excited. I was elated.


Guess why?

It is the first point in the U.S which touches the Atlantic Ocean!

Yes, check this picture.


This image was taken from space and I have taken it from the ‘ever-friendly’ wikipedia.

We started at 7:30 in the morning to Buxton. It was a six and half hour journey and we wanted to be in the beach by the afternoon , and we did.

Ganesha - Cape Hatteras

Just before the start, we put a flower at the feet of Ganesha, for a safe and happy trip.

As Mr.Bee started to drive I busied myself taking pictures with my modest cell phone camera, leaving the burly looking Nikon for Mr.Bee to use on the beach!

We stopped at Bo’jangles for a quick breakfast. Ate some potato biscuits and french fries. (What I hate most about American breakfast is the breakfast, lunch and dinner have not much choices for a poor little Indian vegetarians, even egg-etarians.) Eating fries as breakfast, gulping it down with a mug of soft drinks or lemonades is order of the day. I have begun to hate the lemonades as well. Ginger-ale is my favorite drink of choice.

Coming back to the topic, check out some pictures I took during our journey.

Break for our Breakfast.

Break for our Breakfast.

Check out the tiny bird on the tree @ Bo'jangles!

Check out the tiny bird on the tree @ Bo’jangles!

And further on the journey, this!

Peeping Tom - The Sun!

Peeping Tom – The Sun!

As we entered the small sleepy county, before we reached our destination , I took few more pics.




Just as I was beginning to doze off in the front seat in the anticipation of a wonderful weekend, Mr.Bee remarked ‘Check out the Ocean!’.

How will you feel when you are going in your favorite vehicle, with Ocean visible from both sides of the car, while the car makes a funny noise as it is crossing a bridge, going from the land towards an island, with only water visible even in the front. And now add, air blowing in the face and you know how I must have felt.


The dark waters of the Ocean brought me back to my senses and the sleep was long gone. We travelled few miles with ocean on both sides, but the sand had formed into banks on both sides of the road at some places, like small embankments and covering up the oceanic view. So it was like traveling on a road between hills of sand!


We entered the Cape Hatteras motel, after getting our room keys from the Motel-Office. (We had booked a room almost 20 days prior to the trip,online)

Motel Office

Motel Office

Cape Hatteras Motel

Cape Hatteras Motel

Staying at Cape Hatteras is like living on a private beach. Because the only thing that is between the motel and the beach is the sand!


We reached our motel by 2:00 in the afternoon, after a 15 minute break for checking out the room and washing ourselves to look decent, we went out to Papa NinoΒ to get a pizza. (Less options for vegetarians, you see. But the pizza was awesome. Thin crust, full of veggies and light on the stomach)


And did I mention that after the afternoon pizza, I and Mr.Bee went to Deep Blue,Β a gift and souvenir shop,biggest in this sleepy county. (Afternoon Sun is not a perfect time to enjoy a stroll on the beach)

Check out the pictures of all the items I found interesting in the shop.

Bundle of Dream Catchers!

Bundle of Dream Catchers!

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Gel candles and women torso cups

Gel candles and women torso cups..

Sea shells, star fishes

Sea shells, star fishes and more

crocodile heads

Crocodiles heads + frog head – up for grabs!


Sea Shells make good porcupines..want some?

Deep Blue- the shop itself

Deep Blue- the shop itself

We returned to the beach, played like never before for two hours, (making footprints in the sand too!)

By the time it was dark, we grew hungry for dinner and went to get ourselves a veggie delight from Subway.(Which was very good by the way.) πŸ™‚

And what do you know.

That day was july- the 4th , Independence day for the US and we had a great time watching the fire works in the sky. (Every year, on this day, there are fire works in a public place in each county/state/city where people gather to enjoy them.) Luckily Subway was very near to the place to check out the fireworks. But what we didn’t guess was the enormous traffic returning home after the fire works, we had to deal with at 9:00 in the night! Traffic ate up 20 minutes of our time, which moved so slow, I felt we were cursed!

After reaching our motel room with the precious Subway parcel, we ate and hit the sack.

Since the motel was in the beach itself, all during the first 20 minutes of my sleep I heard the waves making noise. I kept listening to it till I fell asleep.

Z Z Z z z z z ………

That ended the Day 1.


1. I bought myself a dream catcher. For all those who don’t know what a dream catcher is, let me add, it is a Native American belief to have a dream catcher by the bed or hanging above the bed, which is said to absorb bad dreams! Cool , isn’t it?

2. I got myself a henna tattoo which stayed on my arm for two weeks.

3. Wait for the next post which is a continuation of this one. Cheerio till then.

6 thoughts on “Beach Body, Tanned Skin C/O Cape Hatteras

  1. Hi Auther,
    Thanks for the wonderful post. It always amazes me that America has too much within its lap. This place also sounds like a lot of fun. You have done a tremendous work with your photography and the information is good enough to plan an itinerary. I hope I plan mine as soon as possible to the first point that touches the Atlantic Ocean.

    1. πŸ™‚
      Hai Sarita, welcome to Bee After You.
      Good to see that you liked my post and are planning to visit Cape Hatteras. Do visit it. It is such a beautiful place.

    1. Yup. I too loved the souvenirs in the shop so had taken pics of all that caught my attention.
      Pictures of the beach will be up in the next post.

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