Backyard Experiments – Blast from the past!

I have always believed that, “Too many cooks, spoil the broth”, so I never bothered about gardening and stuff(Stuff includes cooking also..!)My mom and sis are gardening – enthusiasts. But after both became more involved in other stuff that needed their attention, the obvious person taking their place, was me. (The very own, lazy QB!)
Gardening is fun until…until I see a caterpillar! Yup, seeing a caterpillar on a very beautiful rose, takes away the fun out of gardening!
I suddenly remembered the very cherished memories of my own , when I was a kiddo.
I used to play in our own humble garden (We had many varieties of trees and plants in our garden and fair share of caterpillars ,grass hoppers and not to forget colourful butterflies!) and my friends were the same old caterpillars, which I began to loathe till now! ( I used to search for a caterpillar somewhere on the trees, bring it carefully to my play-spot, which was under another tree and feed the caterpillar with different leaves and stuff and watch it have a hearty meal!)I used to even pour little drops of water on the caterpillar,to help it, beat the heat in summer..!(Silly me!) All those precious Sunday afternoons were spent this way in my schooling days.
I remember playing with earthworms as well!! (There was a lesson in biology about earthworms and I was sooo interested, I started observing them also..)But earthworms were sooo boring! They never ate leaves! They kept digging deep into the soil and disappear!
Then there was a time when I used to help sis with her own experiments. She ,once grafted a pink rose-plant with a white rose- stem! The results after 2 weeks were hilarious! The rose plant had 3 different roses. Pink on the side of the pink rose-stem, white on the other stem and from the place they were grafted, we had a half pink and half white rose!(Hilarious! Unfortunately, I was too young then, to think of taking pics of the plant!)
I also remember cutting open innumerous hibiscus flowers to see the various parts!(Anther, filament etc)I was really inquisitive and biology was a favourite subject in school!
How I miss those days…..
Watching the insects and creatures in the garden made me happy…just like some people find happiness watching the fish in an aquarium!!
After, I had this ‘blast’ from the past, no wonder I started taking gardening seriously..!
1. Gardening is a stress buster and working in the garden is no less than a work-out !
2. I was never interested in outdoor games! Since I was youngest kiddo in the apartment ,I was never taken seriously(Baah!) So, I found my own entertainment in plants and stuff.
3. Ever heard about money plants? A bee once told me that, a money plant works wonders in a home, if the plant was stolen from someone else’s home!! (Talk about harmless stealing!)
4. Even in movies, we get to see gardening, which is done by a loyal, old man-servant, almost always named as Ramu kaka ! Haha!
5. Just when the window of a moving train is opened suddenly and you feel a sudden gush (blast) of air…I had a sudden rush of memories…so I used the term ‘blast from the past’..! (This explanation is for those who didn’t get it..!)

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