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Has any one ever felt…’Job is boring…let’s go back to school??’I keep feeling that…when I meet my friends…I feel like re-living all the cherished moments in my school life again…again anddddd…again..!

In school, I was raring to grow up!(even though ,I really enjoyed it)

In college, I was impatient to get it over and do my graduation..! (In Andhra Pradesh , +2 is the most hectic period in student life…so no wonder I wanted to join my engineering studies faster..)

After coming into Engineering ,I was ready for seminars…annual day fest….going out with friends…watching movies…eating out..(not to forget…studying just before the exams!)
By the time we were in final year …I and my friends were desperate…to get into job..start earning..(and spending it fast too! Lolzzz…)

Its not to say I did not enjoy all the phases of my life…its just that..I felt most happy in school….happy in intermediate…good in engineering …and ok in job..!

Feels sad that…school days had passed away, in, what seems to be, a jiffy!

My readers must be wondering,what had caused me to suddenly begin to miss my school days…??
Can’t you people guess??(Too bad!!)

It’s all because I had a recent re-union with my school buddies and …I seem to be stuck up in the past..!!

Ya,I remember those school benches…the teachers…the canteen aunty…

the dance sir(was it Mr.Devdas or Ramdas, whatever!)

I remember the school grounds…the choir group…!

the wonderful memories…hmmm…!


I really want to re-live all those days…(Isn’t there any time-machine around??)

By the way….who needs a time machine…when I can just sit back and re-live my memories…again..(I have a powerful re-wind button in my brain.)


1. It was in school ,I started taking interest in writing.

2. Ya,I was in the school choir.I have hilarious memories of the choir group and its practice sessions.

3. I would really love to meet the Chemistry sir,in +2…he was fun to be with.

4. Does anyone else remember the school days or college days?Does anyone miss them,like I do??

5. +2 is just the Intermediate after school…its such a nice short form,easy to type,so I keep using it.(Lazy as ever!)

6. Pic : Courtesy QB ..(Just one pic to show…why I love my school…isn’t it wonderful,to look at…like always..!)

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