And then there were none!!

The first thing that strikes me is that this novel is among those others, which have a title and story inspired from a rhyme/poem.  ‘And then there were none’ is an intriguing and clever plot. 

The characters are surprising and ring of reality,particularly that of Vera and Gen.  Macarthur.

As the plot progress, the cause of the deaths i.e. the murderer appears in a haze, before our eyes.  He sounds sinister and cruel and we try to fit that cruel face to all the characters which are in the plot. 
The murders would have remained mysterious had there been no confession from the murderer himself!
The perpetrator (of the crimes) is as clever as Agatha can get!!  When the face of the murderer is unraveled; our picture of cruel and sinister face fades away and a clear genius is before our very eyes, which is indeed a transformation!  I won’t spoil the fun by revealing the plot.
The story involves serial murders of 10 characters in the lonely island. The plan is well executed.
It is one of the ‘must-haves’ in any personal library and I am a bigger fan of Agatha Christie now; after reading this.
Love you lot, Agatha! ( I am taking loads of liberty and calling her as if she was my friend, because by now I feel I know her a lotttt, having read many of her novels.)
1. As I said earlier, it’s a must – read and people who don’t read this…I pity them!
2. Thrilling from the start to finish, I could feel the hair on my neck raising! I don’t think anyone can guess who the murderer  is…
3. This novel was made into a Hindi movie,’Gumnaam’, starring Manoj Kumar. and Nanda…and has some beautiful songs of Helen! (Better don’t watch it before reading the novel. Watch it after you have read the book.)
4. Suggested pose for reading the novel : Sitting in the rocking chair in the verandah/balcony and a small bowl of something to munch.(Small bowl ,if you are on a diet..!)


2 thoughts on “And then there were none!!

    1. I do love this book a lot and good to see people loving it as much as i do! Hehe,ya,surprise at the end. Well done. Go ahead and read other books of Agatha 😉

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