About me

I am an engineer by profession, artist by mood and a self- proclaimed know it all, with an opinion about everything under the Sun. I dish out the little gyaan I have and my continuous buzzes fill up Bee After You.

Parents named me Manogna and I named myself Queen Bee. (My family agrees, it suits me better! πŸ™‚ )

The pukka narcissist that I am, I call myself QB instead of ‘ I ‘ in the blog.(Well ,most of the times.. πŸ˜‰ )

Queen Bee is my alias.

I started blogging after ages of procrastination and shifted my blog from Blogger to my own domain in WordPress,just as my blog turned a year and half old!

Since I consider myself a Queen Bee , I named the blog as Bee After You, where the buzzing is true!

As the blog ages ,I plan to update the About me page as well.


that’s not all..people can contact me atΒ qb.beeafteryou@gmail.com

Follow me on Facebook atΒ Bee After You.

Follow me on google+ atΒ Manogna M

or you can just drop a comment!

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