A Scandalous Proposal – review

I have been reading novellas left, right and centre and reviewing them.

I have this dream of being a good writer, what better way to do it than read more and more and improve. Let me add that this year, i have a resolution,to complete reading 25 books at the very least! (I have set an achievable goal,so starting with 25 books 😀 )

let me jump into the review…

A scandalous Proposal(2013) by M M George aka Mimmy Jain

A Scandalous Proposal

Mira on the cover!


Mira and her younger sister Reema along with their mother come to live in Delhi from Meerut, after the death of their father. While Mira uses her cooking skills to land a job, Reema is a salesgirl.

The rich hero Ranbir is Mira’s boss and sparks fly! (Let me add,there is a cliche here, the rich boss is also an orphan who lost his parents in an accident!)

Things make a head way, once Ranbir and Mira find out that Ranbir’s brother Tarun and Mira’s sister Reema are in love.

What they do next?

What is the scandalous proposal that Ranbir brings forth to Mira? Does Mira accept it?

The arrogant hero, the gritty heroine adds to the overall appeal of the book.

An engaging read, romantic novella with an easy flow,where characters of Mira and Reema are relatable.The heroine is the middle class girl who wears anklets, glass bangles, salwar kameez with a dupatta in place, but she is not used to being taken for granted neither is she a shy kitten! Difficult to put down the book and Ranbir sure is memorable character! (I also like the Ranbir’s Dadi)

What i like:

Relatable characters of Mira and Reema. Engaging read.

What i don’t like:

Very conveniently Ranbir’s Dadi and Mira’s mother turn out to be family friends!


1. Fast read and good read for all the romance books fans. This novella is very nearer to the Mills and Boons kind of novellas.

2. Somehow, i ended up loving the ‘ending’ of the story. Though the incident leading to the climax is a cliche, it is enjoyable.

3. More like a novella which can be developed into a Karan Johar or Sooraj Barjatya kind of movies! And if it is in Telugu , Krishna Vamsi can do it way better than anyone else!

4. Let me add that Mira and Reema the two main characters have their names from the same two letters, with a minute change! (Mee- Ra; Ree- Ma),Isn’t it interesting?

6 thoughts on “A Scandalous Proposal – review

    1. Having similar names for two characters can create confusion but luckily,here in this novella, there is no such confusion.
      I found the similarity in their names,once i started writing the review!

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