A letter to the new born

To the new born,
                              Welcome into the world. There is good and bad(also ugly ..)around. (Ya around in the sense..In the world around us..don’t go about rotating your head. It will pain ,silly!)
I see you are yawning already! Let’s get it over fast ok!
Life, it is full of ups and downs and some unforeseen curves, no matter what, continue the journey with utmost faith and passion, because that’s life! ( and ya,we use loads of curves ,ups and downs ,slopes in our designs,better pay attention to me, if you really  want to be a civil engineer,haha)
Here, I am going to advice you before hand of what all you may face in life.
In school, most teachers beat the students to death, if you survive that, then the school bus drivers may have a go at you.(All drivers need special mention, kids dying in accidents are so common these days.)
In spite of all this, if you are safe and sound, then the studies may get you! You may be forced to put in your best efforts (sometimes more than best efforts) to get a minimum of 95% depending on the status of the school.(I pity the poor souls who join in Corporate schools)
After that there is the danger of your parents forcing you to leave aside the sports or music or dance or arts in which you are quite talented (which may also be your passion) to join the rat-race of EAMCET(or any competitive exam for that matter) . If you still survive the tensions along with IIT, AIEEE or some other burdens, you will either be an ENGINEER or DOCTOR or others.
If you survive 3 years of engineering, you may face the devil called Placements . In spite of all your best efforts to avoid any mishap, if you still get selected into companies, then it’s your peril! (I don’t mention other professions for the sake of my convenience) Then you are truly in the bull race (it’s tougher than the bull fight and bull race in Spain ,I guess, seems like that to me!)
If you are into MNC’s, especially IT companies then everyday is a challenge to you, to out-perform others and win.
Then come road accidents, terrorist attacks, political unrests, derailing trains…
There are also contaminated foods, depleting resources, polluted surroundings, tsunamis; global warming and also many irresponsible people around make life hell. (And most dangerous of all,gossip mongers, office politics and flu-infected people..! Ta-da!) I am not mentioning some of the more serious stuff , as I don’t want to end up with a law suit on my neck!
On the personal front, you face challenges like commitments and responsibilities and if you can bear all this, you can retire into old age (You also get to bear nosy neighbours..and noisy kids in the apartment or next-door also)
Here(The old age), of course, there are health issues, your dear children may be away from you in other countries and you are alone…
So what do you say?
Don’t start sweating,let me complete.
Life, as I said earlier is full of issues which try to pull you down, but never ever be disappointed and depressed (If some people are a reason for your depression,just pray that they sprain their ankle or better still pray that they get to laugh till they cry or the  best option is avoid them ,easy).
Live up to your likes and dislikes. Believe in yourself. If possible go against the flow; if not well then…just accept the situation and continue…
That’s life.
Hope you remember all this and recall it, when it is needed the most!!
Queen of the Wiser lot!(aka Queen Bee)
1.  Just a letter of fiction, not written to hurt anyone’s sentiments and feelings.
2. This is my light hearted protest against suicides..especially triggered by Jiah Khan and attempted suicide by Paris Jackson.

2 thoughts on “A letter to the new born

    1. achaaaaaaa…
      hehehe…i wanted a newborn 2 have loads of gyaan..too bad he had gone into hiding…

      yup…friends and family are very effective stress busters..hope people understand that…

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