A lesson, a day

After the boring class ended, I rushed into the washroom to wash my face. Having expressive eyes is a huge drawback(they are a dead give away of my emotions) and if any boring class made me sleepy, my sleepiness would be apparent from a mile ahead!

I went inside the toilet first, to relieve myself. I closed the door and before turning my back, I found, ‘I love you, ma!’ written on the door. Has it always been here, or am I seeing it now? I wondered.

As I walked towards the washbasin to wash my face before returning to classroom, I chuckled. What a weird place to declare love! At least it was different, not the usual ‘I love you Pramila’ or the others which are not worth mentioning!

During the brief break before the next sir appeared, I gave this piece of news to my gang of friends. I don’t know whether the joke was worth laughing about or the way I told it, but ripples of laughter followed. I felt proud about bringing a joke to the table!

Before long,it was time to go home.I sat in the college bus. Sitara,my classmate, the meek dame, sat beside me. She had the habit of being silent,unless talked to and I enjoyed listening to the radio in the college bus.

Suddenly out of the blue, Sitara turned towards me,’ I wrote it!’, she said. I removed the earphones,with my mouth wide open from apparent shock. ‘Yes, the graffiti in the washroom was done by me!’, she repeated softly, with a downcast face. This time I knew she was not being shy, she was avoiding eye contact. Poor dear, she was teary eyed,crying!

I felt a lump in my throat. I never meant to hurt her or anyone for that matter. It was an open secret that Sitara’s mom…!

Her mom was probably sitting in front of God, playing the Golden Harp while resting on a cloud,with a golden halo on her head too!(That is how I picture heaven, as death or news of death depress me.)

Heaven - angel with a golden harp and halo on her head

Very difficult to draw a cartoon of GOD, so i have not drawn it! My view of heaven is this.

‘Oh!’, I said at last. All the talkativeness of mine, betrayed me and I had no words left…

– * * * –

I returned home to see mom sitting on the sofa with a dull face. I remembered that I had a fight with her in the morning over her making a dish which was not my favourite!

I wasted no time,I hugged mom. ‘Amma, will you feed me the sweet you made?’

‘I am sorry!’, I added abruptly.

She smiled, before rushing into the kitchen, lest I change my mind…

My dear…dear amma!

So this is the lesson I need to remember,I reminded myself. I have been taking my blessings for granted!

I smiled. At least I have learnt my lesson fast.

I winked at no one in particular (probably at the T.V!)


1. This post is written for the prompt ,”develop a story around a simple detail: a few words of graffiti” – as a part of Project 52.

2. The above post is fiction. The cartoon is just to help those with less imagination, to show them what heaven can be like!

24 thoughts on “A lesson, a day

  1. Hmmm… despite the sensitive nature of its theme your doodle overowered the grave expression of my face 😛
    “Having expressive eyes is a huge drawback”- absolutely… they may even make you look like pokemon girls 😀

    1. 😀
      Thank you Balakrishnan sir.
      I want people to come to my blog to see the posts and enjoy reading them. If my doodles help in the post – readability and improve it, then why not?
      A simple comment like these throw out all the self – doubts which threaten sometimes.
      Made my day.

  2. loved the post… 🙂
    neatly written to the point without exaggeration.
    true …sadly people don’t realize the value of a person or thing until it is lost…we must take out time to thank or express to show our appreciation to people…it might look silly to thank for every sundry thing but who knows…it might bring joy to the other person that we took note of their efforts…
    Oh i didn’t know u get to play a golden harp in heaven… 😛

  3. beautiful emotional spin on an a everyday inane stuff like a graffiti. Normally the word graffiti brings to our mind “AB loves CD” images scribbled in national monuments on trees in parks. But sometimes there could be a lot of emotional out pouring behind a graffiti. liked the post (Y).

  4. Hmmm… the first image that springs to the mind on hearing the word “graffiti” are those numerous “XY loves AB”. stuff. Surprisingly delightful take on the emotions behind a hurriedly scratched “I love you ma” in a bathroom of all places was sooo different. liked your spin you put on it. (Y)

    1. It’s God and Heaven we are talking about.
      I guess there will no poverty there!
      (Actually i got this idea, after looking at the immense wealth of Tirumala Balaji!)

  5. Hi Manogna,
    First thanks for participating in Project 52.
    Now to the story…

    Good story that shows a girl lost her mom and the value of having a mom is brought out well in the story.
    It was mildly inspiring and it fit the prompt well. I enjoyed the story very much. Thanks for the read and the share.

    Also, will give you pointers for critique along with the exercise from next week.

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