Future Ready with Bose

“Isn’t it the best decision you have ever taken?”

“Sorry, I can’t search by topic…but I can search by title, actors or directors, and categories like thrillers or comedies” my Google Assistant replied.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I forgot that my Assistant was at hand, ready to serve me!

I removed the Bose QC35 which I had put on as usual and continued to look at the mirror before me.



“That does it!” I yelled and threw my brush away in frustration. The sudden drum beat threw me off balance and my hand moved involuntarily and gave an unwanted stroke to my painting for the nth time!

Thankful to the lady in the pic and also the source! This is the best illustration I could find.

“Why the hell do I have the best luck in the world for having a studio in the noisiest neighbourhood ever?” I lamented.

When I made the purchase it was quite peaceful. But over a span of just few months everything changed. It’s like divine punishment.

Blame my luck, but, the house beside my studio was rented by a wedding band. They had rehearsals everyday.

On complaining to them about the ear deafening noise they were making, they apologised and attributed lack of funds for not having sound proof rooms for practice. You cannot argue with such an answer!

To overcome the band music everyone started playing their stereos and televisions at higher volumes. Whatever people lack, they don’t lack in competitive spirit!

Sometimes some groups of kids would gather and start dancing to the tunes creating a hullabaloo and adding menace to my peaceful life.

The noises obviously distracted me and disturbed my ability to focus and work without interruptions.

It made me sulky and trying to concentrate on working in such an environment drained my energies and made me forgetful.

This forgetfulness of mine resulted in fights with my family and my degrading patience earned me the nickname “Grumpy”- namesake of one of the seven dwarfs from snow-white.

Then came the blessing. Bose QC35 II came into my life.

I got the peace I wanted and painted with my heart, being able to concentrate better. Listening to my favourite music in between relaxed me.

It being wireless added to my comfort.

What’s more the google assistant was there to remind me things and ease my tasks. It enabled me to schedule and manage my time well. Though it did scare my mother that I now had the habit of talking to myself!

Long usage of the headphones neither brought me discomfort nor did it effect the battery life.

From Grumpy I became Happy.


The earlier question I put was to my reflection in the mirror more like asking my past self, and my past self couldn’t agree more. It answered “Future ready with Bose? Hell Yeah!”


This post is written for #BoseQC35‬ and #BloggerContest. For more information regarding Bose QC 35 II wireless headphones, check out the website here.